9 – Imam Muhammad Al Taqi Al Jawad (A.S)



  • Name: Mohammad(as)
  • Title: Al-Jawad and Al-Taqi
  • Kunyat: Abu Jafar
  • Born: On Friday, 10th of Rajab, 195 AH, in Medina, Arabia
  • Father: The Eighth Imam Ali Al-Reda(as)
  • Mother: Umme Al-Sayyidah Subeeka
  • Date of death: 29th Thul Al-Qida 225AH, at the age of 30 years old.
  • Cause of Death: Murdered by poisoning by Muttassim Ibin Harroun Al-Abbassi
  • Buried: In Baghdad, Iraq.

The Ninth Holy Imam Mohammad AI-Jawad the child of the Imam Ali AI-Reda and AI-Sayyidah Subeeka.

He kicked the bucket of harming and covered in Baghdad by his child the Tenth Imam Ali Al-Hadi(as), close to his granddad grave in Kharthomiyah, a suburb of Baghdad, in Iraq where his place of worship stands currently nearby his granddad’s the Seventh Imam Musa Al-Kharthom(as).

Imam Muhammad (ibn Ali) Taq (some of the time called Jaway and Ibn al-Rida) was the child of the eighth Imam. He was conceived in 195/809 in Medina and as per Shi’ite customs was martyred in 220/835, harmed by his better half, the girl of Ma’mun, at the induction of the Abbasid caliph Mu’tasim. He was covered close to his granddad, the seventh Imam, in Kazimayn. He became Imam after the demise of his dad through Divine Command and by the declaration of his progenitors. At the hour of the passing of his dad, he was in Medina. Ma’mun called him to Baghdad which was then the capital of the caliphate and ostensibly gave him much grace. He even gave the Imam his little girl in marriage and kept him in Baghdad. As a general rule, he liked it as such to keep a nearby watch upon the Imam from both outsides and inside his own family unit. The Imam invested some energy in Baghdad and afterward with the assent of Ma’mun set out for Medina where he stayed until Ma’mun’s passing. When Mu’tasim became caliph he gotten back to the Imam to Baghdad and, as we have seen, through the Imam’s significant other had him harmed and murdered.


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    The Ninth Holy Imam Mohammad AI-Jawad the child of the Imam Ali AI-Reda and AI-Sayyidah Subeeka.
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