3 – Imam Hussain (R.A)

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imam hussain

Imam Hussain ibn ‘Ali (R.A)

  • Name:Imam Hussain ibn ‘Ali
  • Titles: Sayyid-as-Shuhadaa (Leader of Martyrs)
  • Kuniya: Abu Abdullah
  • Birthdate: Thursday, 3rd Shaban 4 A.H. in Madina
  • Father: Imam ‘Ali Al-Murtaza (peace be upon him), 1st Holy Imam
  • Mother: Hazrat Fatimah (daughter of the Holy Prophet) (peace be upon them)     Died:
  • (Martyred) Date: Friday, 10th Muharram, 61 A.H. Place: Kerbala, Iraq       Age: 57 years
  • Cause: Massacred along with some of his family members and companions by the army of Yazid ibn Mu’awiya
  • Buried: Kerbala, Iraq

Introduction :

In the House of the Holy Prophet, which introduced the best picture of both the universes – the paradise and the earth-a kid who profited humankind as though he was a Divine Impression mirroring the earth, was conceived on one of the evenings of the long stretch of Sha’ban. His dad was Imam ‘Ali, the best model of thoughtfulness towards his companions and the most courageous against the foes of Islam, and his mom was Hadrat Fatimah, the main girl, and offspring of the Holy Prophet, who had as generally recognized, acquired the characteristics of her dad. Imam Hussain is the third Apostolic Imam. At the point when the uplifting news of his introduction to the world arrived at the Holy Prophet, he went to his little girl’s home, took the recently conceived kid in his arms, discussed adhan and iqamah in his privilege and left ears separately, and on the seventh day of his introduction to the world, in the wake of playing out the rituals of, named him al-Hussain , in consistence with Allah’s order. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas relates: “On the very day when Imam Hussain was conceived, Allah requested blessed messenger Gabriel to plummet and compliment the Holy Prophet on His Behalf and all alone.

While plunging, Gabriel disregarded an island where the heavenly attendant Futrus had been exiled because of his postponement in executing a commission doled out by Allah. He was denied of his wings and removed to the island where he stayed for quite a long while imploring and adoring Allah and requesting His pardoning. “When the blessed messenger Futrus saw Gabriel, he got out, ‘ Where are you going, O Gabriel?’ To this he answered, ‘ Hussain, the grandson of Muhammad is conceived, and for this very explanation Allah has directed me to pass on His congrats to His Apostle.’ Thereupon, the heavenly attendant stated, ‘ Can you convey me likewise alongside you? May Muhammad prescribe my case to Allah.’ Gabriel took the holy messenger alongside him, went to the Holy Prophet, offered congrats to him for the benefit of Allah and himself, and alluded the instance of the blessed messenger to him.


The Holy Prophet said to Gabriel, ‘Request that the blessed messenger contact the body of the recently conceived youngster and come back to his place in Heaven.’ On doing this, the edge re-got his wings in a split second and lauding the Holy Prophet and his recently conceived grandson, rose towards the Heaven. Hasan and Imam Hussain, the two children of the Holy Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib and Hadrat Fatimah, our Lady of Light, were regarded and worshipped as the ‘Pioneers of the Youths of Paradise’ as expressed by the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet Muhammad, harmony arrives and his offspring had transparently forecasted that the confidence of Islam would be saved by his second grandson Imam Hussain, when Yazid, child of Mu’awiayh, would attempt to devastate it. Yazid was known for his fiendish character and brutish lead. He was known as the lewdest of men. The individuals having known and comprehended the character of Yazid, shaped a contract by which Mu’awiyah couldn’t name Yazid as his replacement. This endeavor was given by Mu’awiyah to Imam Hasan from whom Mu’awiyah had grabbed power. Mu’awiyah damaged this endeavor and designated Yazid who succeeded his dad. Promptly as he came to control, Yazid started acting in full agreement with his known character. He began meddling in the basics of the confidence and rehearsed each bad habit and insidiousness openly with the most noteworthy level of exemption but then held himself out as the replacement of the Holy Prophet, requesting faithfulness to himself as the main guide of the confidence.

Paying loyalty to Yazid was out and out recognizing the villain as Cod. On the off chance that an awesome character like the blessed Imam Hussain had consented to his power, it would be really prescribing the fallen angel to humankind instead of Cod. Yazid requested faithfulness from the Holy Imam Husayn, who could have never consented to it at any expense. The individuals dreading demise and decimation on account of the dictator had respected him out of dread. Imam Hussain said that come what-ever may, he could never respect the villain instead of God and fix what his granddad, the Holy Prophet had set up. The refusal of the Holy Imam to pay devotion to this beast denoted the beginning of the oppression of the Holy Imam. Thus he had resigned to Medina where he had an isolated existence. Indeed, even here he was not permitted to live in harmony and had to look for asylum in Mecca where likewise he was gravely irritated, and Yazid plotted to kill him in the very regions of the incredible haven of Kaaba.

So as to protect the extraordinary haven, Imam Hussain chose to leave Mecca for Kufah only a day prior to tile haj (journey). When approached the purpose behind the secretive takeoff from Mecca previous the traveler age which was just the following day Imam Hussain said that he would play out the current year’s journey at Karbala’, Offering the penance not of any creatures, however of his friends and relatives and some steadfast companions. He counted the names of his friends and relatives who might set out their lives with him in the extraordinary penance at Karbala’. The individuals of Kufah becoming weary of the tyrannic and sinister guideline of Yazid had composed endless letters and sent emissaries to Imam Hussain to come over and give them direction in confidence.

Despite the fact that Imam Hussain  knew a definitive finish of the solicitations, he as the supernaturally picked Imam couldn’t decline to give the direction looking for. At the point when the Holy Imam with his escort had arrived at Karbala’, his pony strangely halted and would not move any further. Upon this, the heavenly Imam pronounced: “This is the land, the place that is known for sufferings and torments.” He landed from his pony, and requested his devotees to settle there saying: Here will we be martyred and our kids be slaughtered. Here will our tents be singed and our family captured. This is the land about which my granddad the Holy Prophet had prognosticated, and his prescience will positively be satisfied.”


On the seventh of Muharram water gracefully to the imam’s camp was cut and the torment of thirst and yearning began. the heavenly Imam’s camp comprised of women, guiltless kids including infants and some male individuals from the Holy prophet’s family; alongside a little band of some steadfast companions of Imam Hussain  who had decided to bite the dust with the Holy Imam, battling against the demon for the reason for Allah.

Imam Hussain conveyed from his camp consistently to battle and penance their lives in the method of the Lord. Ultimately, when every one of his men and kids had set out their lives, Imam Hussain brought his half-year-old infant child ‘Ali al-Asghar, and offering him on his own hands, requested some water for the infant, kicking the bucket of thirst. The thirst of the child was extinguished by a fatal harmed bolt from the savage’s powers, which stuck the infant’s neck to the arm of the vulnerable dad.

At sunrise, the Imam looked over the military of Yazid and saw ‘Umar ibn Sa’d requesting his powers to walk towards him. He accumulated his supporters and tended to them in this way:

“Allah has, this day, allowed us to be occupied with a Holy War and He will remunerate us for our suffering. So set yourselves up to battle against the foes of Islam with tolerance and obstruction. O children of the honorable and self-regarding people, show restraint! heath is only an extension which you should cross in the wake of confronting hardships in order to arrive at Heaven and its delights. Which of you don’t prefer to go from this jail (world) to the grand royal residences (Paradise )? ” Having heard the Imam’s location, every one of his colleagues was overpowered and shouted out, “O our Master! We are distress prepared to safeguard you and your Ahlu ‘I-hayt, and to forfeit our lives for the reason for Islam.”

Finally, when the half-year-old child additionally was slaughtered, Imam Hussain tended to Allah: “O Lord! Thy Husayn has offered in Thy way whatever Thou hath favored him with. Favor Thy Husayn, O Lord! with the acknowledgment of this penance. Everything Imam Hussain could do work currently was through Thy help and by Thy Grace.”

In conclusion, Imam Hussain came into the field and was executed, the subtleties of which cruel butcher are deplorable. The powers of Yazid having executed Imam Hussain, cut and cut off his head from his body and raised it on a spear. The cut off the leader of the Holy Imam started lauding Allah from the purpose of the spear saying, ‘Allahu Akbar’. “All greatness be to Allah Who is the Greatest!”

After the discount, hardhearted and most merciless butcher of the Holy Imam with his steadfast band, the assistance fewer women and kids alongside the feeble child of Imam Hussain, Imam ‘Ali Zayn ‘l-‘Abidin, were taken, hostages.

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    So nice!! House of the Holy Prophet, which introduced the best picture of both the universes – the paradise and the earth-a kid who profited humankind as though he was a Divine Impression mirroring the earth, was conceived on one of the evenings of the long stretch of Sha’ban.


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