2 – Imam Hassan (A.S)

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imam hussain

Imam Hassan (A.S)

  • Name: Hassan Ibin Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as) 5th Calipha
  • Brother : imam hussain
  • Title: Al-Mujtaba(as)
  • Kunyat: Abul Mohammad.
  • Born: On Tuesday, 15h. Ramadan, 3 AH in Al-Medina, Arabia.
  • Father: The First Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)
  • Mother: The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as)
  • Cause of death: Poisoned by his wife bribed by Muawiyah Ibin Abu Suffayan
  • Date of death: On Thursday, 7th. Safar, 50 Ah.
  • Buried: Al-Baggea public cemetery, in Al-Medina, Arabia.

The Second Holy Imam Hassan child of the Imam Ali Ibn Abu Taleb(as) and Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) the little girl of The Holy Prophet(PBUH).

He passed on, as a saint in light of toxic substance blended in his food, by his significant other paid for her deed by Muawiyah.

His more youthful sibling, Imam Hussain(as) arranged his body for the entombment, in his granddad’s The Prophet’s(PBUH) house however was brutally compelled to cover his dead sibling’s body rather in the close by Al-Baqgea burial ground in Medina.

He exceeded expectations all others in his time in adoring Allah(SWT), in information and in otherworldly culminations. He was more similar to the prophet than others. He was the most kind-hearted individual in his family at his time and the most forgoing among individuals.

When a house servant introduced him a lot of blossoms and in view of this the Imam(as) set her free. He at that point said that it was a result of how Allah(swy) has trained us and he expressed this from the Holy Koran,

“At the point when you are welcomed,

you ought to react in even a superior way or

simply return the welcome.”

When an individual from Syria on a pony back met the Imam and began to manhandle him yet the Imam didn’t react. At the point when the Syrian said all that he needed to state the Imam went nearer to him and said with a grin,

“May harmony be with you.

I think you have quite recently resulted in these present circumstances town.

On the off chance that you need some food, we can give you.

On the off chance that you may require anything we can give you

furthermore, on the off chance that you need bearings, we can give headings

furthermore, on the off chance that you may require a ride, we can give one

what’s more, on the off chance that you need insurance we are prepared to insure you.”

The man in the wake of hearing this started to cry and stated,

” I affirm that you are appointee of Allah on earth and Allah realizes better who to endow with Divine message.”

Imam Hassan Mujtaba – upon whom be harmony – was the subsequent Imam. He and his sibling Imam Husayn were the two children of Amir al-mu’minin Ali and Hadrat Fatimah, the girl of the Prophet. Commonly the Prophet had stated, “Hassan and Husayn are my youngsters.” Because of these equivalent words, Ali would state to his other kids, “You are my kids and Hassan and Husayn are the offspring of the Prophet.”

Imam Hassan was conceived in the year 3 A.H. in Medina and partook in the life of the Prophet for to some degree more than seven years, growing up during that time under his caring consideration. After the passing of the Prophet which was close to three, or as per somewhere in the range of, a half year sooner than the demise of Hadrat Fatimah, Hassan was set straightforwardly under the consideration of his respectable dad. After the passing of his dad, through Divine Command and as indicated by the desire of his dad, Imam Hassan became Imam; he additionally involved the outward capacity of caliph for around a half year, during which time he directed the undertakings of the Muslims. During that time Mu’awiayh, who was a harsh adversary of Ali and his family and had battled for a considerable length of time with the desire of catching the caliphate, first on the guise of avenging the demise of the third caliph lastly with an open case to the caliphate, walked his military into Iraq, the seat of Imam Hassan’s caliphate. War followed during which Mu’awiyah progressively undermined the officers and authorities of Imam Hassan’s military with enormous wholes of cash and deluding guarantees until the military defied Imam Hassan. At long last, the Imam had to make harmony and to yield the caliphate to Mu’awiyah, if it would again come back to Imam Hassan after Mu’awiyah’s demise and the Imam’s family and partisans would be secured inside and out.imam hussain

Along these lines, Mu’awiyah caught the Islamic caliphate and entered Iraq. In an open discourse, he authoritatively made invalid and void all the harmony conditions and inside and output the severest weight upon the individuals from the Household of the Prophet and the Shi’ah. During all the ten years of his imamate, Imam Hassan lived in states of extraordinary hardship and under oppression, with no security even in his own home. In the year 50 A.H., he was harmed and martyred by one of his own family unit who, as has been accounted by history specialists, gMu’awiyah. imam hussain

In human flawlessness, Imam Hassan was suggestive of his dad and an ideal case of his honorable granddad. Truth be told, as long as the Prophet was alive, he and his sibling were consistently in the organization of the Prophet who even once in a while would convey them on his shoulders. The two Sunni and Shi’ite sources have transmitted this colloquialism of the Holy Prophet concerning Hassan and Hussain: “These two offspring of mine are Imams whether they stand up or plunk down” (inference to whether they involve the outside capacity of the caliphate or not). Likewise, there are numerous customs of the Holy Prophet and Ali concerning the way that Imam Hassan would pick up the capacity of imamate after his honorable dad.

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    Nice info The Second Holy Imam Hassan child of the Imam Ali Ibn Abu Taleb(as) and Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) the little girl of The Holy Prophet(PBUH).

    He passed on, as a saint in light of toxic substance blended in his food, by his significant other paid for her deed by Muawiyah.


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