4 – Imam Ali Zayn Al-Abidin (A.S)



  • Name: Ali(as)
  • Title: Zain Al-Abideen(as)
  • Kunyat: Abu Mohammad
  • Born: On Saturday, 15th of Jumadi Al-Awwal 36 AH, in Medina, Arabia
  • Father: The Third Imam Hussain Ibin Abe Taleb(as)
  • Mother: Shahe Zanan daughter of King Yazdjard II
  • Date of death: 21st Muharram 95AH, at the age of 58 years old.
  • Cause of Death: Murdered by poisoning by Waleed Ibin Abdul Malik Marwan
  • Buried: In Al-Baggea commentary, Arabia

The fourth Imam was Ali’s child of Imam Hussain(as) and Shahe Zanan little girl of Yazdjard, King of Persia.

He was conceived in Madina around the same time when his granddad Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb freed the city of Basra, in Iraq.

He kicked the bucket of harming and his body was set up by the Fifth Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir(as) and was covered in the Baggea critique in Al-Medina.

He exceeded expectations all others in his time in his immense information, revering Allah, otherworldly consummations, devotion, and helping the penniless.

The legal advisers, in the issues of the Islamic Sharia, quote him broadly and there are numerous realities of otherworldly direction, petitions, and useful tidbits that he abandoned as his heritage.

All the time around evening time he would convey cash and sacks of food to the poor with his face concealed so nobody would remember him. Since the individuals would intervene and would take his heap off him.

Just when he had kicked the bucket, at that point just, at that point did the individuals of Medina understand that the individual who used to convey to the food with his face secured by a veil was nobody other than Imam Ali child of Imam Hussain(as).

At the point when he at any point saw any vagrants and penniless he would welcome and offer with them his feast.

Consistently he would assemble a conference of his workers and would offer them help if any of them expected to get hitched or needed to be liberated.

At whatever point a poor individual would come to him requesting help he would state this,

“Welcome to the individuals who convey for me supplies to existence in the wake of death”

It is said that he would ask a thousand Rakat of supplication in every twenty-four hours. At the hour of the petition, his face would change out of his acknowledgment of the enormity of Allah the Highest (SWT). Because of his prostrating such a great amount before Allah his brow and knees were plainly stamped.

When an individual from his family members addressed him some ill-advised words as with the end goal that typically would offend one. Sooner or later, the Imam stood up and ventured closer to that individual. Individuals around felt that he, maybe, needs to answer him in a similar way, however, the Imam, rather, discussed this from the Holy Koran,

” Allah adores Those who control their annoyance

what’s more, be pardoning towards the individuals and who do great.”

He at that point said to that individual,

“Sibling, I heard all that you said to me. In the event that all that you said about me is valid, at that point I request that Allah pardon me and on the off chance that all that you said about me isn’t accurate, at that point may Allah excuse you.”

Imam Sajjad (Ali ibn Hussain entitled Zayn al-Abidin and Sajjad) was the child of the third Imam and his better half, the sovereign among ladies, the little girl of Yazdigird the ruler of Iran. He was the main child of Imam Husayn to make due, for his other three siblings Ali Akbar, matured twenty-five, five-year-old Ja’far, and Ali Asghar (or ‘Abdallah) who was a nursing infant were martyred during the occasion of Karbala. The Imam had likewise gone with his dad on the excursion that ended lethally in Karbala, but since of serious disease and the powerlessness to convey arms or take an interest in the battling, he was kept from participating in the heavenly war and being martyred. So he was sent with the womenfolk to Damascus. In the wake of spending a period in detainment, he was sent with respect to Medina in light of the fact that Yazid needed to mollify popular sentiment. Yet, for a subsequent time, by the request for the Umayyad caliph, ‘Abd al-Malik, he was anchored and sent from Medina to Damascus and afterward again came back to Medina.

The fourth Imam, after coming back to Medina, resigned from open life totally, shut the entryway of his home to outsiders, and invested his energy in love. He was in contact just with the tip-top among the Shi’ites, for example, Abu Hamzah Thumali, Abu Khalid Kabuli, and so forth. The tip-top spread among the Shi’ah and the strict sciences they gained from the Imam. Thusly, Shi’ism spread extensively and indicated its belongings during the imamate of the fifth Imam. Among crafted by the fourth Imam is a book called Sahifah sajjadiyah. It comprises of fifty-seven petitions concerning the most heavenly Divine sciences and is known as “The Psalm of the Household of the Prophet.”

The fourth Imam passed on (as indicated by some Shi’ite conventions harmed by Walid ibn ‘Abd al-Malik through the incitement of the Umayyad caliph Hisham) in 95/712 following thirty-five years of imamate


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  1. Zikriya Bakir Post author

    The fourth Imam was Ali’s child of Imam Hussain(as) and Shahe Zanan little girl of Yazdjard, King of Persia.

    He was conceived in Madina around the same time when his granddad Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb freed the city of Basra, in Iraq.


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