11 – Imam Hasan Al Askari (A.S)


Imam Hasan Al Askari (A.S)

  • Name: Hassan(as)
  • Title: Al-Askari
  • Kunyat: Abu Mohammad
  • Born: On Monday, 10th of Rabea Al-Akhir, 232 AH, in Medina, Saudi Arabia
  • Father: The Tenth Imam Ali Al-Hadi(as)
  • Mother: Al-Sayyidah Jiddah
  • Date of death: Friday, 8th Rabea Al-Awwal 260AH, at the age of 28 years old.
  • Cause of Death: Murdered by poisoning by Mu’tamid Ibin Mutawakkil Al-Abbassi
  • Buried: In Samarra, northern Iraq

The Eleventh Holy Imam Hassan AI-Askari(as) the child of the Imam Ali Al-Hadi(as) and AI-Sayyidah Jiddah.

His body was set up for entombment by his child the Twelveth Imam AI-Mehdi Al-Muntathar and was covered close to the grave of his dad the Imam Al-Hadi in Samarra northern Iraq where his hallowed place stands now.

His honorable and superb character is notable to Muslims. His physical structure was completely molded and profoundly he was much the same as his extraordinary granddad The Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Ismael portrays the accompanying:

“When I sitting on the way trusting that the Imam will pass by and when he did, I began whining of my troubles and approached him for some budgetary assistance.” The Imam stated,

“You depend on Allah(SWT) dishonestly, in light of the fact that you have just covered one hundred Dinars as a sparing. What I state isn’t to deny you money related assistance. Young men, give him all the cash with you.”

He was notable to the Christians as having all the human splendors like the Prophet Jesus(as) had.

The Imam would love Allah (SWT) a great deal and his character was very superb.

The eleventh Imam picked up the imamate, after the passing of his honorable dad, through Divine Command and through the pronouncement of the past Imams. During the seven years of his imamate, because of untold limitations set upon him by the caliphate, he lived secluded from everything and dissimulation (taqiyah). He didn’t have any social contact with even the ordinary citizens among the Shi’ite populace. Just the first class of the Shi’ah had the option to see him. All things being equal, he invested the vast majority of his energy in jail.

There was outrageous constraint around then on the grounds that the Shi’ite populace had arrived at an extensive level in the two numbers and force. Everybody realized that the Shi’ah had faith in the imamate, and the character of the Shi’ite Imams was additionally known. Hence, the caliphate held the Imams under its nearby management like never before previously. It attempted through each potential method and through mystery intends to expel and demolish them. Additionally, the caliphate had come to realize that the first-class among the Shi’ah accepted that the eleventh Imam, as indicated by customs referred to by him just as his ancestors, would have a child who was the guaranteed Mahdi. The happening to the Mahdi had been anticipated in verified hadiths of the Prophet in the two Sunni and Shi’ite sources. Thus the eleventh Imam, more than different Imams, was held under close watch by the caliphate. The caliph of the time had concluded certainly to stop the imamate in Shi’ism through each potential method and to close the entryway to the imamate for the last time.

Hence, when the updates on the ailment of the eleventh Imam came to Mu’tamid, he sent a doctor and a couple of his confided in specialists and judges to the place of the Imam to be with him and watch his condition and the circumstance inside his home consistently. After the demise of the Imam, they had the house explored and all his female slaves analyzed by the birthing specialist. For a long time, the mystery specialists of the caliph scanned for the replacement of the Imam until they lost all expectations. The eleventh Imam was covered in his home in Samarrah close to his respectable dad.

Here it ought to be recalled that during their lifetimes the Imams prepared a large number of researchers or religion and hadith, and it is these researchers who have transmitted to us data about the Imams. All together not to delay the issue, the rundown of their names and works and their life stories have not been incorporated here.



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