10 – Imam Ali Al Naqi Al Hadi (A.S)


Imam Ali Al Naqi Al Hadi (A.S)

  • Name: Ali(as)
  • Title: Al-Hadi and Al-Naqi
  • Kunyat: Abu Hassan
  • Born: On Friday, 15th of Thul Al-Hajj, 212 AH, in Subra
  • Father: The Ninth Imam Mohammad Al-Jawad(as)
  • Mother: Al-Sayyidah Summana Khatoon
  • Date of death: 3rd Rajab 254AH, at the age of 42 years old.
  • Cause of Death: Murdered by poisoning by Mutazz Ibin Mutawakkil Al-Abbassi
  • Buried: In Samarra, northern Iraq

The Tenth Holy Imam Ali AI-Hadi the child of the Imam Mohammad AI-Jawad and Al-Sayyidah Samanah.

He kicked the bucket of poisoning and was covered in Samarra, Iraq, by his child the Eleventh Imam Hassan Al-Askari(as) where his hallowed place stands today.

He strikingly exceeded expectations all others of his time in the fields of human consummations, as tremendous information, liberality, courteousness of habits, adoring of Allah (SWT), with moral characteristics and control.

As one case of his liberality is that he paid thirty thousand Dirhams to an Arab man of Kufa, saying to him,

“We pay your obligations.”

The man at that point, expressing gratitude toward the Imam stated,

“Sir, the obligations on me are just around 33% of the sum you gave!” The Imam included,

“Spend the lay on your family and your kin.”

The man in the wonder of the Imam’s liberality stated,

“Allah realizes who to endow with His Message of Divine Guidance!”

At that point, he left.

Imam Ali ibn Muhammad Naqi (some of the time alluded to by the title of Hadi), was the child of the ninth Imam. He was conceived in 212/827 in Medina and as indicated by Shi’ite accounts was martyred through harming by Mu’tazz the Abbasid caliph, in 254/868.

During his lifetime the tenth Imam was contemporary with seven of the Abbasid caliphs: Ma’mun, Mu’tasim, Wathiq, Mutawakkil, Muntasir, Musta’in, and Mu’tazz. It was during the standard of Mu’tasim in 220/835 that his respectable dad kicked the bucket through harming in Baghdad. Around then Ali ibn Muhammad Naqi was in Medina. There he turned into the Imam through Divine Command and the pronouncement of the Imams before him. He remained in Medina showing strict sciences until the hour of Mutawakkil. In 243/857, because of certain misleading allegations that were made, Mutawakkil requested one of his administration authorities to welcome the Imam structure, Medina, to Samarrah which was then the capital. He himself composed the Imam a letter brimming with generosity and kindness requesting that he go to the capital where they could meet. Upon appearance, in Samarrah the Imam was additionally demonstrated certain outward politeness and regard. However simultaneously Mutawakkil attempted by every single imaginable intend to inconvenience and shame him. Commonly he called the Imam to his essence with the point of executing or disrespecting him and had his home looked.

In his animosity toward the Household of the Prophet, Mutawakkil had no equivalent among the Abbasid caliphs. He was particularly restricted to Ali, whom he reviled straightforwardly. He even arranged a comedian to criticize Ali at well-proportioned meals. In the year 237/850, he requested the sepulcher of Imam Husayn in Karbala and huge numbers of the houses around it to be torn to the cold earth. The water was turned upon the burial chamber of the Imam. He requested the ground of the burial chamber to be furrowed and developed with the goal that any hint of the burial chamber would be overlooked. During the life of Mutawakkil, the state of life of the relatives of Ali in the Hijaz had arrived at such a desolate express, that their womenfolk had no cloak with which to cover themselves. A large number of them had just a single old cloak which they wore at the hour of the every day supplications. Weights of a comparative kind were put on the relatives of Ali who lived in Egypt. The tenth Imam acknowledged in tolerance the torments and sufferings of the Abbasid caliph Mutawakkil until the caliph kicked the bucket and was trailed by Muntasir, Musta’in lastly Mu’tazz, whose interest prompted the Imam’s being harmed and martyred.


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