2015 Islamic Articles

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Allah, the Most High, stated:

“So carry yourself to the upstanding normal religion of Allah, the one which He (fatara) made individuals upon. There will be no changing Allah’s creation, and that is the straight religion, yet a great many people don’t know. Go to Him, worship Him, and set up supplication, and don’t be of the mushrikin, the individuals who separated their religion and became orders, each gathering cheering with that which is with them. What’s more, when individuals are moved by hurt, they call their Lord, going to Him. At that point when He gives them a sample of His kindness, this is the point at which some of them partner accomplices with their Lord because of their lack of appreciation for what We gave them. So appreciate! Be that as it may, you will come to know. Or then again have We uncovered some position to them, discussing what they partner with Him? Also, when We let individuals taste leniency, at that point they cheer in it, however in the event that some insidious besets them due to what their hands fashioned, at that point they despair!”

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